Your Guide to High Quality Digital Print Media
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December 19, 2017
6 minute read

When you’ve got a message to tell, you want it to be seen. At Total Image Supplies, we make it our business to help yours stand out from your competitors. Whether you'd like to produce posters, flags, marquees, vehicle wraps or promotional tents, we can help make your product unforgettable with our high-quality print media. However, there are some materials that work better than others, depending on your industry, placement, and uses.

Below are the most popular types of digital print media. This information should help you make an educated decision in choosing the right surface to print your message on.

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1. Aqueous Print Media

Aqueous coating is a water-based coating that provides a high-gloss or matte surface. The most significant benefits of an Aqueous coated finishing is that it has quick drying time as well as excellent dimension stability. It is also water resistant, and tear resistant (where applicable), making it suitable for outdoors and spaces more prone to the elements.

Before you choose this media, it is essential to know that it is only suitable for specifically aqueous inks and printers.

Products we recommend

We sell a range of aqueous products. Our favourites are:

  • SIHL Rocket Photo Papers
  • SIHL TrueColor Matt Coated Papers
  • SIHL range of Aqueous Media
  • PhotoTex Wallpaper
  • Polypropylene & Blockout Display Film
  • OMNIJET Superior Matt Coated Paper
  • Cotton Canvas
  • 80gsm Bond Paper

Best uses for aqueous print media

Aqueous is most easily applicable to high volume art reproduction, giclée, print and copy stores, Production Print & Pay for Print, technical, architecture, business & corporation, and education & government.

Blockout Displau Film

2. Solvent Print Media

Unlike Aqueous, Solvent is a non-water-based coating and is slow drying. However, the resulting prints are waterproof. Durable and long-lasting, it is also weather-resistant, making it a popular choice for outdoor signage and advertising.

For best results, the surfaces need to be clean before application. The installation and fit-out (where required) need to be performed by a trained employee. This is in the case of car wraps, fence wraps, exhibitions and signage.

Solvent print media is only usable with solvent inks.

Recommended products

Solvent print media comes in a range of products, including:

  • Range of Self-Adhesive Vinyl
  • Polypropylene & Polyester Films
  • Banner, Backlit, Mesh, Fabric
  • PhotoTex & Dreamscape Wallpapers
  • Metalized Wall & Floor Graphics
  • One-Way Vision and Ultra-Clear PET Films

Best uses for Solvent print media

Solvent is most easily applicable to all outdoor signage and advertising, as well as visual displays and exhibitions.

Wall Wrap

3. Latex Print Media

Weather-resistant and durable are just two of the main reasons why Latex is a popular choice. This print is also odourless, so it can be placed indoors without affecting its surroundings. Latex offers consistency with every high-quality image produced, so downtime and wastage are minimised.

Latex is only suitable with Latex Inks.

Recommended products

Latex print media comes in a range of products:

  • “All” HP Certified Latex Print Media
  • Range of Self-Adhesive Vinyl
  • Polypropylene & Polyester Films
  • Banner, Backlit, Mesh, Fabric
  • PhotoTex & Dreamscape Wallpapers
  • Metalized Wall & Floor Graphics
  • One-Way Vision and Ultra-Clear PET Films

Best uses for Latex print media

Latex is most easily applicable to all outdoor signage and advertising, visual display and exhibitions, and point-of-sale.


4. PhotoTex and Wallcoverings Print Media

One of the best features about PhotoTex and Wallcoverings finishes is that it can be removable or permanent. Its washable state means that dirt and abrasions can be cleaned from its surface. Additionally, PhotoTex and Wallcoverings have a range of finishes for short-term to high-end retail and commercial fit-outs – choose from textile, PVC, smooth, or textured wallpaper. It is also OH&S compliant.

Similar to Solvent, the surface needs to be clean before application for best results. The installation process will also require a trained employee.

Recommended products

Wallcoverings are available for a range of uses. Here are our favourites:

  • PhotoTex Opaque/Blockout range
  • HP PVC-Free Wallpaper range
  • Dreamscape product range

Best uses for PhotoTex and Wallcoverings print media

PhotoTex and Wallcoverings are most applicable to general signage, graphic design & display, and marketing agencies, hotels, commercial fit-outs, retail, and interior design.

Print Media

5. Fine Art and Professional Photography Papers

With its vibrant colours and high-quality professional images, this print media is a favourite among photographers, VCE and university students, and artists alike. Archival and acid-free, its ability to produce long-lasting images and a superb colour gamut are all significant benefits. There are a variety of effects available, namely smooth, lustre, canvas, cotton-textured, matte and gold fibre.

This print media is more expensive than lower-grade papers, and availability of the less popular papers may vary. A photographic quality printer must be used to use this paper (we recommend Canon imagePROGRAF 12 Colour PRO-Series.)

Fine Art and Professional Photography Papers can be used with high-quality dye and pigment-based inkjet printers.

Recommended products

At Total Image Supplies, we're a fan of the lford Galerie range, including:

  • Smooth Pearl & Gloss
  • Gold Fibre Silk & Gloss
  • Textured & Smooth Cotton Rag
  • Metallic Gloss
  • Smooth Fine Art & Cotton Canvas

Best uses for Fine Art and Professional Photography Papers

Fine art and professional photography papers are most readily applicable to fine art studios and picture framers, home décor prints & art, and high-end graphic displays (both retail and corporate).

ilford galerie

6. Clearshield Liquid Coatings

Inexpensive and with colour-enhancing qualities, Clearshield Liquid Coatings is a popular choice for many due to its protective ability. Not only is it non-yellowing, but it protects the images from fine art to signage. Furthermore, it leaves an image flexible and is resistant to chemicals, water, UV exposure, and marring.

When applied, a roller, spray gun or laminator is used, which eliminates the need for time-intensive post-print cutting. However, this application requires significant drying time.

Recommended products

Clearshield is our choice for liquid coatings, including:

  • Clearshield Canvas Guard
  • Clearshield Wall Armor Satin
  • Clearshield Classic
  • Clearshield Classic Lite

Best uses for Clearshield Liquid Coatings

Clearshield Liquid Coatings is most readily applicable to fine art, photography, signage, and graphics.

Clearshield Liquid Coating

Which print media is right for me?

If you are still unsure which print media is best for you and your business, here are a few questions you should consider:

  • What is the market you are producing prints for?
  • What do your prints need to achieve?
  • Do you need one solution for all types of printing, or do you need one for a specific application?

We’re professionals in all matters of digital and wide format print media, and we’re here to help. With our extensive range of products, we’re sure to have the best solution for your printing needs.